‘Divine Beauty has an address: Oman’

Oman in the south east corner of the Arabic peninsula is one of the fairly unique spots in the world with so much breathtaking beauty that it can be compared to a hidden treasure. Happy Camel Tours invites you to travel to this little-known country with its blissful emptiness and tranquillity.

We offer two exceptional voyages: a two-week journey on foot through the Rub Al Khali Desert, the largest sand desert in the world, and a two-week journey along about 1500 kilometres of untouched coastline from the capital Muscat to the deep south even further than Salalah.

Happy Camel Tours coaches you in the art of voyaging by inviting you to be conscious of the emptiness and silence of this enchanting country. Our meditative and contemplative sessions, the silent walks, the small assignments and practices will help you raise your awareness on this voyage. Most of all the country itself will invite you to feel happy, to experience lightness and to enjoy life to the fullest.

Next desert retreat from 17th – 31 td January 2017

Come and join us in this adventure and bathe in the light of Oman.